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Monetize your knowledge, and help students achieve their desired grade

It’s easy and simple, our platform has been built using the latest technology making it easy for instructors to build their courses using a front-end panel that is user-friendly. This platform allows the instructor to build their courses starting from lessons, assignments, quizzes and more, it also allows them to have the lesson briefed as a ready video or an online live session. A great thing about our platform is that it has no subscription fee and allows instructors to rate their course/class, once students register for the class we deduct our 10% commission fee and bank transfer transaction fee, if applicable.

How to become a teacher

Register yourself and go through our qualification process.

    Do you think you can build an educational course that can benefit our students? If yes, then apply to become an instructor on our platform and build your course then leave the rest to us!

    Our team of marketing experts who are specialized in the advertising field will drive traffic to the website and promote your courses to the public to sell your course to students.

    Do you prefer one to one sessions? Our platform allows you to run sessions with unlimited number of students per session via zoom, however the recording option will be unavailable for students.
    We only accept applications from instructors who can proof that they are working or had experience in the education industry.

    - Instructors are obliged to attend on the date of their session incase the course is an online session, failure to attend will result in hold their payment of the course.
    - You should always allow our admin to attend or enroll in the course free of cost for quality assurance purposes
    - Instructors should not use any foul language within the course or during the online session.
    - Instructors should drive students for courses/classes externally/privately.

    Step 1: Once you register to become an instructor, our team will get in touch for verification within 24 hours.
    Step 2: Our team will request you to share the proof of qualification via e-mail
    Step 3: Once verified, our team will share with you the credentials to your account and will schedule a demo for you with our on-boarding team
    Step 4: Upon attending the demo, our team will activate your account so you can start with building your course