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A long journey that will never stop


“We simplified the method of spreading knowledge, our website connects students with qualified instructors abroad! ”

Eng. EzzEldin Al-Amin, Co-Founder


We are a group of talented instructors, that served their life within the education industry. Our main goal is to spread education and offer to students at an affordable rate. 

This platform was built to connect the world’s top instructors with students all around the world. The platform has been built with features that enables the instructor to build courses using the front-end course builder. This tool has been proven to be the best in the market, making it easy for instructors to build and modify their courses and students to engage with their instructors easily!

At E-smart Academy, we ensure that all registered instructors pass through a verification process where we confirm their identity and eligibility to become an instructor.


It’s simple, we bring the best instructors to build courses that would help students achieve their desired grade at school/university or even learn a skill that will be useful for their career.

The platform allows instructors to build courses that will include lessons and the student will have to attend the lessons and to confirm that they have understood the course they will face quizes and assignments that are prepared by our instructors. Upon completion of the course the students will be granted a certificate that proves he was able to pass the course. 

Our recruitment process of hiring instructors to build courses is complex to ensure that we hire talented & qualified instructors to be able to educate the students on our platform.

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